9mm 12mm 15 mm 18mm high quality colorful melamine laminate plywood board

9mm 12mm 15 mm 18mm high quality colorful melamine laminate plywood board

Production Capacity:1000Pcs/day
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C at sight,Werstern Union.
MOQ:1*20′ Container.

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Product Renderings
Production Features

Model: M-171
Size:1220x2440mm(4’x8′)or as requested
Surface Treatment :Embossed
Glue :E0, E1 or E2
Grade :A grade or as clients requirement
Density :680~780kg/m3
Thickness:Particle Board 9~25mm
Thickness:MDF Board 3~25mm
Thickness:Plywood Board 12~25mm
Thickness:Solidwood Board 18mm
Thickness Tolerance:+/-0.2mm
Delivery Time:10-25 Days after receipt of deposit
Payment Term:30%T/T as deposit,70%T/T or L/C at sight before shipping.

Note: Due to camera shooting and the different monitors in each computer, the pictures will be slightly different with objects.Please make the object as the standard.


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can melamine board be cut

Melamine board is very easy to crack when cutting, or cut out rough.
There are three ways to cut
Method one:
1. First use a 60 tooth 7-inch woodworking ordinary saw blade, alternate teeth: the incision basically has no edge collapse, but when you look at it closely, there is still a slight irregularity on one side, but you can’t see it half a meter away.
2. Then use a professional saw blade with 80 teeth and 7-inch aluminum, flat teeth: the result is surprisingly good, and there is no edge collapse in the incision. No matter whether you look closely from far or near, it is as perfect as the effect of a professional scoring double saw blade.
Method two:
Cutting method of precision table saw
1. It’s very difficult for ordinary machines of melamine board not to crack at all. Generally, they need to be sawed with precision table saw (also called precision panel saw).
Method three
Using CNC engraving machine to cut, the cutting edge is very perfect, there is basically no edge collapse, and can cut any shape, dig holes and so on according to the demand.
The experience of cutting melamine laminate board to reduce edge collapse is as follows
1. Slow push and uniform speed;
2. Paste adhesive tape;
3. Use pressing plate accessories to prevent collapse;
4. Famous brand saw blade with dense flat teeth or ladder flat teeth;
5. Use good melamine board wood.
After cutting, the edge of melamine panels can be sealed with edge banding strip, so that more exquisite furniture can be made, and there will be no trace of edge collapse.
The main function of the edge sealing strip is to seal the section of the board, to avoid the damage of the environment and the adverse factors (mainly water) in the use process to the board, to prevent the formaldehyde volatilization inside the board, and to achieve the effect of beautiful decoration.

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