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Customized cabinet process and installation strategy

Storage space is a problem that many people will consider when decorating a house. They will use various cabinets to increase the storage space of the house. Understanding the custom cabinet process and installation strategy makes us more experienced when choosing cabinets. Custom cabinets are designed to be directly operated by people when decorating a house. This can make the decoration design style more compatible with the cabinet.
1 Material:The cabinets appearing on the market have different materials. If we want to customize the cabinets, we can start from this aspect. We can choose the material of the cabinet that suits the house decoration style, such as wooden materials, metal materials or other materials.
2 specification:In order to increase the storage space, we can let the designer design the cabinet in detail according to the size and specifications of the room when customizing the cabinet. What form of cabinet or style should be used to better integrate the cabinet with the entire space, these are a series of processes required when customizing cabinets.
3 Installation:Before installing the cabinets, the decoration and sanitation of the corresponding areas need to be done. This is mainly because our cabinets are fixed after installation, and subsequent decoration cannot be operated to this place. Moreover, cleaning the entire place is also convenient for the construction master to install the cabinets. If it is a hanging cabinet or a cabinet that needs to be perforated on the wall, it is also necessary to mark the water pipes and circuits of the entire kitchen to avoid construction problems.
4 Types :The installation of cabinets can be divided into several parts, such as floor cabinets, hanging cabinets and countertops. When installing, you need to use professional tools to pinpoint the location of the installation, so that you can reduce the imbalance during installation. The installation methods of different cabinets are also different, and experienced masters will know how to operate
5 Check before acceptance:After installation, we need to perform an overall acceptance of all cabinets. Such as whether there are signs of damage on the cabinet, whether the door can be closed tightly, whether the overall cabinet is neat and flat, and so on. When problems are found, they can directly communicate with the construction party, which can reduce subsequent after-sales problems.
The above description of the custom cabinet process and installation strategy is to allow people with equipment decoration methods to have a general understanding of the customization of the cabinet, and also to make the customized cabinet better meet our requirements. Customization is to make a suitable cabinet according to our ideas, which can make it more durable in the kitchen.


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