High gloss green apple uv boards 1220*2440mm melamine sheets prices

High gloss green apple uv boards 1220*2440mm melamine sheets prices

Production Capacity:1000Pcs/day
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C at sight,Werstern Union.
MOQ:1*20′ Container.

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uv high gloss board,

Production Features

Material:MDF/Multilayer board
Appearance: High Gloss
Regular size: 1220mm*2440mm (4’*8′)
Grade:First Class
Thickness: 9-18mm
Usage: cabinets, wardrobes, furniture, sliding doors and interior decoration
a. The surface is as smooth as a mirror
b. The surface paint is evenly coated
c. Environmental protection
d. does not fade
e. Flame retardant and moisture resistant

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Introduction of UV Board

The UV board is the surface treated with UV treatment. UV paint is UV curing paint, also known as photoinitiated coating. Ordinary wood board, silicon calcium board and other boards are passed through UV paint, and then dried by UV curing machine to form a stone board with bright surface treatment, bright color, strong visual impact, wear resistance and strong chemical resistance. Long service life, no discoloration, easy to clean, high cost, high requirements on mechanical equipment and process technology, is an ideal sheet curing treatment process.
The board formed by the UV coating on the particle board, the MDF board and the UV curing machine can be industrially produced due to its easy processing, bright color, abrasion resistance, strong chemical resistance and long service life. It has high requirements on mechanical equipment and process technology, and has the characteristics of resistance to moisture and deformation. The primer adopts solvent-free 4E green high-grade paint, which is non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It has high-light antibacterial effect after curing, which is an ideal decoration plate.

UV board features:
A: The surface smoothness is high: the specular highlight effect is obvious.
B: The film is full: the color is full and attractive.
C: Environmental health: usually the paint of baking varnish is not good, and there is constant release of volatile substances (VOC). The UV board not only does not contain volatile substances such as benzene, but also forms a dense cured film by UV curing. The amount of material released.
D: No fading: Through comparison experiments, it is proved that the UV veneer has better physical and chemical properties than the traditional plate, ensuring that the UV plate does not lose color for a long time, and solves the chromatic aberration phenomenon.
E: Scratch-resistant: The high hardness is more polished and brighter, and it is not deformed at room temperature for a long time.
F: Acid and alkali resistant corrosion: UV board can resist the corrosion of various acid-base disinfectants.

Use of UV board:
1. Furniture: panel furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children’s furniture, kitchen furniture
2. Tables and chairs: large desks, student tables and chairs, desks, desks, desks, conference tables, computer desks
3. Decoration: interior decoration, indoor murals, photo frames, art photos, landscape decoration paintings
4. Office: staff table, computer cabinet, reception desk, company indoor billboard
5. Sliding door type: flat door panel, partition board
6. Other categories: exhibition hall furniture, shopping mall counter furniture, shopping mall partitions, crafts

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