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How to Choose the color of  Kitchen Cabinet

For those who decorate the first home, it is really a headache in choosing the color of the cabinet. Because different colors give people different moods, if the colors are properly selected, they can start a good decorative effect, which will affect the mood of the chef, and the resulting dishes will be very fragrant. So, what is the choice of cabinet color? Housing experts say five colors, you will regret it if you miss it!
Wild white
The whole kitchen uses white wall tiles and white overall cabinets to enhance the brightness of the kitchen and make the kitchen that is not large enough to look transparent.
If you dislike the large area of ​​white too light, you can create a rich spatial level and make the space more visible by using different colors in different kitchen countertops, floors, etc., without destroying the overall purity and innocence. The temperature.
Advanced gray
High-grade ash is a very popular home color. Applying it to the kitchen can also exude its subtle and majestic momentum, making your kitchen a moment of success.
Different shades of gray can be used in the kitchen to create a visual level of space, making the space more soothing and smooth.
Wood color
For young people who like literary style, the whole wood-colored cabinets must not be missed. Applying warm and natural logs to the kitchen, the tight mood on weekdays can be soothed and relaxed in an instant, giving the kitchen a unique atmosphere and fun.
Elegant blue
If you think the above colors are too conservative, try adding blue to the cabinet. The elegant blue kitchen allows the chef to feel the calmness and rationality brought by the blue, and get a cool and cozy in the hot stir-fry.
Fresh green
Inspired by the pristine nature of fresh green, the combination of life and nature allows you to realize the ideal of living back to life and leisure.
The cabinets occupy most of the kitchen and are the place to make food, so the color of the cabinet determines the overall decor and tone of the kitchen. So if you want to create a vibrant, comfortable and comfortable transitional natural and generous kitchen, if you can enjoy your meal while cooking, start with color.


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