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How to Choose The Door Panel of Kitchen Cabinet

Most of the price of the door panel affects the price of the custom cabinet itself. Today, we will list several types of door panels that are more common and practical, including materials, performance, etc., which can be used as a reference.
Basically, the cabinet door material can be divided into the following categories:
Logs, molded, covered, acrylic, etc.
From the perspective of environmental protection and performance, the order is:
Solid wood, solid wood composite, particleboard, others.
When choosing a cabinet door, it mainly depends on the substrate and the finish.
1 solid wood door panel
The use of solid wood to make cabinet door panels, the style is mostly classical, American home style is more common, mainly cherry wood, walnut color, oak color.
Advantages: Environmental protection, water-based paint can be considered better, texture is beautiful, and some styles of solid wood are the most textured.
Disadvantages: relatively difficult to manage and the price is high; solid wood is easily deformed and cracked due to water loss and absorption problems.
2 solid wood composite door panels
The solid wood multi-layer board is used as the substrate, and the paint process is combined with the wood and wood. It is generally used in the customization of the whole wood villa, and the texture is first-class.
Nowadays, through the popularity of light luxury and simple style, the use of this door panel has become more and more extensive, especially in the real solid wood grain and solid color design, often combined with amazing effects.
Advantages: The paint coating is used well, and the texture of the paint is not too much.
3 melamine board
Nordic style products are used more, and the price is good.
Advantages: low formaldehyde content, rich color imitation wood, realistic texture.
Disadvantages: The base layer is solid wood granules. When it is inflated with water, pay attention to waterproofing; the limitation of the door panel can only be used for flat and framed door panels.
4 Acrylic
Acrylic is divided into bright and matte, and the density substrate is covered with acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass.
Advantages: It is mainly solid color, which has become popular in recent years and has fewer people.
Disadvantages: the surface is easy to scratch; it is easy to get tired after watching for a long time…
5 painted door panels
Most of them are density paint boards, which can be said to be the cabinet door with the largest number of fans.
Advantages: Bright, very textured, and customizable colors!
Disadvantages: very delicate, not resistant to scratching, need to be carefully taken care of. The level of craft production is high and the rejection rate is high.
6 molded door panel
There are also a lot of color cards to choose from, similar to the simulation of wood grain and cement effect, but pay attention to quality, otherwise it will appear easily.
Advantages: The longest use time and the widest range.
Disadvantages: Compared with other new materials, the shape of the molded plate is not three-dimensional, the value is not high, and the user has a tendency to decline.


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